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Vintage Flower Truck, Flower Delivery & Design

Vintage Flower Truck, Flower Delivery & Design

Vintage Flower Truck, Flower Delivery & DesignVintage Flower Truck, Flower Delivery & Design

A Little About Us


So you may be scratching your head, wondering how in the world Lemon Cake would have anything to do with Flowers!  Well, my Grandmother, Betty, is somewhat famous for her lemon cake in my small, southern hometown in Tennessee!  While most can't hardly wait for their birthday to be served scrumptious, traditional buttercream birthday cake---any guest attending a birthday, soriee' or even sleepover hosted by yours truly, would expect (and anticipate) a delicious slice of Betty's Lemon Cake!

Fast forward to college days, and beyond, I was blessed to inherit (not only the recipe) but my creative spirit and talents from Betty---my Grandmother!  I too became "famous" for Betty's Lemon Cake---whether it be a holiday party, baby shower, a get-together or any work function, everyone expected Lemon Cake!  One Christmas season, I baked 15 lemon cakes!

I have always had a passion for flowers and floral design.   My husband and I decided to make my vision come to life, and opened Lemon Cake Flower Truck the summer of 2019!  

Lemon Cake Flower Truck is a 1971 Volkswagen Transporter---she'll take you back to days gone by, and make choosing your weekly flowers a perfect, unique experience, each visit!  Follow us, let us be a part of your special occasion, and come find us around town.  Who know's, there just may be a slice of Lemon Cake awaiting you!